Get the Look: Rustic, Farmhouse Hutch

Get the Look: Rustic, Farmhouse Hutch



Hey, DIYers! It’s Sarah from the Chalkworthy Team, and I wanted to share a more personal story about my own Chalkworthy transformation that I completed over the weekend. I used a multi-color layering technique on an old hutch in my kitchen.

And so begins my story….


Chapter One: A Little Bit of Love


Starting early one morning, before the pancakes made it to the griddle, I decided to start my weekend project. With the intense summer heat lying just behind my window, I decided it was the perfect weekend to tackle the hutch sitting at the other end of my kitchen. 

This old hutch, was begging me for a makeover. To honor its’ timeworn roots and amp up its’ rustic character, I chose Chalkworthy’s White Linen and Farmhouse paint. With a little bit of love, paint, and sandpaper, I knew its’ appearance could match the antique charm I felt lay hidden underneath. 


Chapter Two: The Necessities

  1. 1 Pint of Farmhouse
  2. 1 Pint of White Linen
  3. 2 Chalkworthy Paint Brushes
  4. 150 Grit Sandpaper
  5. Painters Tape


Chapter Three: Metamorphosis


I wiped down the hutch with a damp cloth and took off the hinges and pulls that held onto the drawers and cabinetry. I also laid a painting canvas underneath the hutch to catch any spills.

Building from the years of wear and tear, I decided a layered look would only add to its’ storied history.


I applied a thin layer of Farmhouse over the entire piece. But my enthusiasm got the better of me as I neglected to pay closer attention to the little areas that are affected most by touch, such as around the handles and tops of the drawers. It’s easy to forget how the oil from our hands and fingers can leave remnants, like a map, upon whatever surface we touch. I did not clean them with soap and water like I should have. But as with all such happy accidents, I was pleasantly surprised by the natural mud cracking that occurred around those spots.


It just added some wonderful character to the piece. But if you would rather avoid cracking, I would suggest cleaning with soap and water or Windex before painting, especially if the furniture is handled often.


Four hours dwindled by as the first layer of Farmhouse settled into the wood. Once dried, I brushed on a thin layer of White Linen. It’s funny how the best-laid plans can come unraveled. Initially, I envisioned a white hutch with subtle hints of Farmhouse peaking through. But, even at the expense of a little more work, I decided that Farmhouse should be the predominate color instead. The white hutch didn’t seem to fit in that space and surprisingly didn’t look well next to the wall color I had in the kitchen.


Four hours crept by as I anxiously waited for the White Linen to dry. Imagination is a wonderful thing, but sometimes it can only take us so far. And I was eager to see the final result.


And with the additional coat of Farmhouse, my hutch was finally starting to come together! Even though I was impatient, the paint made this transformation so easy and gave an enchanting ambiance to the daily hustle and bustle of my kitchen.

All that was left to do was to sand where I wanted to show “natural” distressing. But, I decided to sleep on it and start fresh the next day.


I began the next day by wearing away some of the edges, using a circular motion over the cabinet faces and sides of the hutch. Without trying, the sandpaper left behind the perfect traces of White Linen. I wiped away the dust and began the fun process of placing the sentimental pieces of my home back on the shelves. It surprisingly took no time at all for this final step. I just left the canvas underneath the hutch to help with the clean up and I was done in a jiffy!

Normally, I finish each of my Chalkworthy projects with waxing the piece of furniture that I am painting. But with this piece, I really like the idea of being able to ding it or have it start to fade a little bit here and there as that will only add to the character of the hutch. But if you like your piece just the way it is and don’t want it altered, by all means, please apply which ever color of wax best compliments your preference.


Chapter Four: The Hutch


Kitchens are often at the heart of the home. The same is true with mine. So much time is spent preparing the meals that bring loved ones together and restores the soul. This hutch is now the perfect addition to my little kitchen and I know I’ll enjoy it for many years to come.

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The End

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