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Clear Paintable Acrylic Caulk
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Kwik Seal's Clear Paintable Acrylic Caulk is optimal to seal around the sink after you've finished your Giani Granite countertop.  The Acrylic Caulk provides a durable seal which stayls clean longer than soft silicone.  The Caulk dries clear fo use with any Giani Granite kit color and is applied with an easy hand squeeze tube.


When to apply Caulk:

Before painting with Giani, remove any existing latex or silicone caulk.  We highly recommend NOT using paintable caulk before applying Giani as most dry times for paintable caulk are not accurate when used with Giani products and you may experience cracking.

After your final topcoat layer has dried for at least 12 hours, use any kitchen/bath acrylic caulk to seal around your sink's rim and where your backsplash meets your countertop.  We recommend using a Acrylic caulk that dries clear for around the sink. This step is essential in protecting your finish.  

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