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Clear Paintable Acrylic Caulk
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Kwik Seal's Clear Paintable Acrylic Caulk is optimal to seal around sink after you've finished your Giani Granite countertop. The Acrylic Caulk provides a durable seal which stays clean longer than soft silicone. The Caulk dries clear for use with any Giani Granite color and is applied with an easy hand squeeze tube - Note - you may also use the Acrylic Caulk to seal the seam at the bottom of the backsplash if you have a two-piece countertop - which is rare - If you do have a two piece countertop - then caulk the seam at the bottom of your backsplash and allow the caulk to dry for one day before applying the Giani Primer.

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Product Code: FG-GI CLEAR CAU
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